Why so many people wait years to address their hearing loss

Brandon Miller

We’ve all seen relatives or friends whether older than us or younger than us who suffer from some degree of hearing loss. It can feel like you are in the middle of a comedy routine with incorrect responses and simply not understanding what someone is saying. The ongoing repeating of words and statements can get very old fast. Not to mention having to raise your voice all the time! As a hearing healthcare provider, we are always seeing patients who take years to get their hearing checked. The average person waits 7-10 years before they do something about their hearing loss, so what gives? First and foremost, many people are simply in denial about their loss. You simply don’t think you have a problem. Men are generally more stubborn with this than women, just like healthcare in general. I hear what I want to hear! Sorry Bob, but to be fully engaged in your life you must be fully engaged in your hearing! The patient with hearing loss is always the last one to notice it. What you hear and understand everyday simply becomes the norm for you. You are used to hearing that way therefore you think it Is…

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