Hearing Aid Costs

Hearing Aid Costs

Understand What You are Purchasing
You’ve decided that you want to Hear Better. Now, ask yourself: “Who is best able to support me in my quest to hear better?” Who can I trust to be completely committed to my success?” How you answer these questions will determine if your hearing aids become a welcome addition to your life or an expensive mistake. There’s no way around it- hearing aids aren’t cheap. But without support, I believe that every hearing aid, regardless of cost or technology level, will end up on the dresser in that pile of stuff too precious to throw out and too annoying to use.Hearing Aids are very complex devices that can be programmed to satisfy your Unique Hearing Needs; but without the proper testing, fitting, follow-up, and support, they are useless. When you purchase a hearing aid from Lawrence Hearing, you are getting more than just a device. You are getting a Premium Service Plan with Lifetime Support. I welcome you to stop by either of our offices in Middletown or Warwick to meet us to get a first impression of who we are. If you like what you experience, schedule a Free Appointment to learn about your hearing loss and our commitment to helping you overcome it. Meet us and it will become very obvious to you that you will be much better served by the Professional Family that is Lawrence Hearing.BIG BOX RETAILER- PRICING

When it comes to pricing, you need to think outside the box. Literally.

The big box stores have one hearing aid they sell for $999. This is the same price as our Basic High Quality Hearing Aid. But their hearing aid does not include our Premium Service Plan that insures that you get the most from your investment for years to come. Don’t be fooled by discount price claims; evaluate the entire package. When purchasing a hearing aid, you should consider the following:

1. Product
2. Price
3. Service
4. Professional Excellence
5. Honest Compassion


How do you get to the store?
I drive a ten year old car that makes weird noises and has a few dents. My friend drives a beautiful new car with lots of fancy amenity’s. Her car runs quieter, smoother and looks much
better than mine. I admit that I really like her car. Long trips are definitely more comfortable in her car but I still get the groceries with my car and I choose to spend my extra money on motorcycles.
That’s me!

This is one of my favorite Hearing Aid Analogies. For the hearing impaired, getting a basic high quality hearing aid can make a huge improvement in their life. Are the more expensive ones better? Yes, they are. But maybe you can’t justify the difference. That’s OK!

Do you love music?
My friend with the fancy new car listens to his music on his smartphone with cheap earphones. I hate that sound! I want to hear my music in High Fidelity so I spent a ton of money (I’m embarrassed to tell you how much) on a High Fidelity digital music player and Premium earphones. For me, the investment is worth it because sound is important to me.
That’s me!

This is another of my favorite Hearing Aid Analogies. Sound is important to me. I consider Sight and Hearing to be my most important senses. They are how I connect with the world around me. For this reason, I choose to spend a little more on my eyeglasses and my music players. If I was hearing impaired, I would definitely purchase the best technology I could afford.

At Lawrence Hearing we deliver the Best Hearing Aid Experience Possible. Whether you choose a Basic High Quality hearing aid or the Most Advanced Premium hearing aid on the market, we promise to help you hear your best!

With all that said, Please give us a call we will gladly discuss pricing and service with you over the phone. I promise that we will be upfront and honest during our conversation. We decided not to put pricing here because we don’t want our competitors telling you that they can beat our prices……….. and give you LESS!


Hearing Aid Insurance and Payment Options

Lawrence Hearing accepts all eligible insurances at our office. Hearing testing at our office is always free. Some insurance covers up to 100% of the cost of hearing aids. During your free hearing test, we will call on your insurance to see if hearing aids are covered under your policy. If you have additional questions regarding insurance, give us a call at our office: Middletown (845)-343-7708 / Warwick (845)-986-7781.

Acceptable Forms of Payment
MasterCard, Visa, cash, check, CareCredit and Wells Fargo Financing