Hearing Aid Costs

Hearing Aid Costs

Hearing Aid Costs

Understand What You are Purchasing
You’ve decided that you want to Hear Better. Now, ask yourself: “Who is best able to support me in my quest to hear better?” Who can I trust to be completely committed to my success?” How you answer these questions will determine if your hearing aids become a welcome addition to your life or an expensive mistake. There’s no way around it- hearing aids aren’t cheap. But without support, I believe that every hearing aid, regardless of cost or technology level, will end up on the dresser in that pile of stuff too precious to throw out and too annoying to use. Hearing Aids are very complex devices that can be programmed to satisfy your Unique Hearing Needs; but without the proper testing, fitting, follow-up, and support, they are useless. When you purchase a hearing aid from Lawrence Hearing, you are getting more than just a device. You are getting a Premium Service Plan with Lifetime Support. I welcome you to stop by either of our offices in Middletown or Warwick to meet us to get a first impression of who we are. If you like what you experience, schedule a Free Appointment to learn about your hearing loss and our commitment to helping you overcome it. Meet us and it will become very obvious to you that you will be much better served by the Professional Family that is Lawrence Hearing.


Eligible NYS Empire Plan Insurance members:
Receive newest technology with
no out-of-pocket expense.



We accept all eligible insurances at our office. Hearing testing at our office is always free. During your hearing test we will call on your insurance to see if hearing aids are covered under your policy. Some insurance covers up to 100% of the cost of hearing aids. If you have additional questions regarding insurance, please call our office.

CareCredit and Wells Fargo

We accept CareCredit & Wells Fargo, to make improving your hearing health easier and more affordable. With 12-month interest free financing plans and options to finance up to 5 years, you can get the hearing instrument you need and conveniently pay for it over time with monthly payments that easily fit into your budget.

All of our hearing aids come with a LIFETIME SERVICE commitment

What this means:

  • No Charge for office visits EVER
  • This means that there is NEVER any charge for retesting, adjustments, programming, tubing changes, minor repairs, etc. And should you ever need a loaner aid, it will be provided to you at no charge.

Acceptable Forms of Payment

MasterCard, Visa, cash, check, CareCredit and Wells Fargo Financing