Hearing Loss

What Causes Hearing Loss?

Hearing Protection Headset

There are many factors that contribute to hearing loss.

Some Common Causes Are Preventable, Such As:

  • noise-induced hearing loss from listening to loud music
  • working in a loud environment, like a factory, without hearing protection

Others Are Less Preventable Such As:

  • Heredity
  • Illness
  • Reactions to medications
  • Injury

Do I Need Hearing Aids?

“Trying to get a handle on what I needed to correct my hearing loss. I had a consultation with Brandon in the Middletown office. I also visited 4 other providers after that first visit with Brandon. What an eye opener. Brandon did what none of the others did, He Listened to me and made suggestions, gave me options, no hard sell, and his service is better than most. Product line is great and price point is very very competitive. I am very happy with the hearing aids I got and when the wife decides it time for her I know where we will be going.”

Kenneth S.

“I have really enjoyed Lawrence Hearing. The staff is very considerate, and I always get good service. They are generous and always explain very well the procedures they are using during hearing tests. They also give very good explanations about the hearing aids and how to use them and take care of them. They are always available and ready to answer any questions. I was shocked and kind of embarrassed to realize that I needed hearing aids, but they helped me get over that.”

Lucy B.

“Don Lawrence at the Warwick office was professional and easy to talk with about which hearing aid would be best for me. Surprisingly, it was not the most expensive that he recommended but the one that best fits my hearing loss. Don is readily available for future questions, concerns or hearing aid adjustments. Always a pleasure to deal with regarding hearing issues.”

Girard F.

“The knowledge, care and patience that is exhibited by the staff has given me the confidence that I would be completely satisfied with my hearing improvement. I am 91 yrs of age. Lawrence Hearing has helped make a difference in my social involvement. I most heartily recommend them.”

Jason L.

Want to know if you have any of the most common signs of hearing loss?



Do people comment that the volume on your TV or radio is too loud?


Have you missed visits and calls because you didn’t hear the doorbell or telephone?


Do you have trouble following conversations in crowded, noisy places?


Do people say you speak too loudly?

Hearing Wellness Program

Personal Wellness Program

Not all hearing loss cases are preventable but we believe you should always try to protect your hearing. We believe that everyone in our community over the age of 55 should have their hearing screened annually as part of their personal wellness program.

At Lawrence Hearing, a New York State licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist will conduct a FREE, short and painless screening to measure your ability to hear sounds at various frequencies (pitches) and look for possible physical causes of hearing loss. Based on the test results, a specific solution best suiting your hearing loss and your lifestyle will be recommended.

Lawrence Hearing Offers

Hearing Loss Treatments

There are many types of hearing aids to choose from to assist with better hearing. Early analog instruments with many undesirable effects and disadvantages are now being replaced with digital technology. Today’s digital technologies are programmed by a computer to match your type of hearing need and unique requirements. Depending upon the type you select, there can be a significant improvement in the sound quality. These instruments sort sounds into bands or frequency ranges that can be grouped to provide precision amplification in select ranges. This means that sounds of nature, music, and speech are perceived and amplified differently. The end result is greater precision in hearing correction so that speech sounds are enhanced while background noises are reduced.

Your hearing health professional will help you select the best one for you.

Hearing aid Styles Hearing aid Brands

Most people have hearing loss in both ears, yet some only wear one hearing aid. Amplifying only one ear when both ears need help can put you at a disadvantage. Your brain needs two ears for hearing accuracy. Here’s why: